How to remove duplicate imported items in Outlook, Outlook çift emaillerin silinmesi.

Manual Outlook Duplicate Remover

The manual trick to remove Outlook duplicates is so easy and safe to perform. Just follow the steps shown below to know how to remove Outlook duplicates:

Step 1: Launch Microsoft Outlook client on your system. Now select the folder from which you want to remove the duplicate items.

Step 2: On the View tab, click Change View option.

Step 3: Now change the folder view to table type view.

Note: Click Manage Views... check the view mode which you're currently on, i.e. either folder view or table view.

Step 4: On the Manage All Views window, check the view type.

Note: Use the following combinations of views and fields:

Calendar with appointments; contacts with phone list; inbox with messages; journal with entry list; and notes with notes list.

Step 5: Now right-click the column heading, and then click Field Chooser in the options.

Step 6: At the top of Field Chooser, select a field from the list.

Step 7: Now drag down the Modified field to the table heading.

Step 8: The duplicate items you want to remove must have a unique date from the original set of items. Therefore, click the modified heading to sort the items by this field.

Step 9: Now select the items you want to remove. And finally, hit Delete button to delete the selected items permanently.

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